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El RPG de The Wire.

Spoilers ahead.

Es cojonudo. All in the game yo!

The Wire hecho dibujos animados por Paul Sizer.

Vía | HBO’s The Wire as a cartoon

Juego de cartas de The Wire por atipo.

Vía | fluzo

Más de The Wire a lo dickensiano.

Omar en un The Wire dickensiano.

El Monopoly de The Wire. En el link podréis verlo con un mayor tamaño.

Link: The Poke

David Simon; cómo imaginaba The Wire

But more than an exercise is realism for its own sake, the verisimilitude of The Wire exists to serve something larger. In the first story-arc, the episodes begin what would seem to be the straight-forward, albeit protracted, pursuit of a violent drug crew that controls a high-rise housing project. But within a brief span of time, the officers who undertake the pursuit are forced to acknowledge truths about their department, their role, the drug war and the city as a whole. In the end, the cost to all sides begins to suggest not so much the dogged police pursuit of the bad guys, but rather a Greek tragedy. At the end of thirteen episodes, the reward for the viewer — who has been lured all this way by a well-constructed police show — is not the simple gratification of hearing handcuffs click. Instead, the conclusion is something that Euripides or O’Neill might recognize: an America, at every level at war with itself.

Vía | Kottke